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Gentle Professional Cleanings

Gentle Professional Cleanings

People over the age of three or four should visit their dentist for a professional hygiene cleaning at least twice a year. To maintain oral health it's very important that you stay up to speed on the condition of your teeth. If problems are detected they can be treated early to avoid developing more serious issues. At Brevco Family Dentistry Dr. Luerding provides comfortable gentle hygiene cleanings specifically to detect, deter and prevent gum disease. If we find a cause for concern we may recommend a deep gum cleaning to remove tartar below the gum line, smooth out surfaces where plaque builds up and eliminate bacterial infection.

Important Reasons to Get Professional Cleanings

  • To detect possible health risks such as oral cancer and gum disease
  • To prevent tooth loss
  • To maintain good physical health
  • To eliminate bad breath
  • To have a brighter, whiter smile

In order to maintain good oral health and a bright smile, please call us today at 636-561-9000 to schedule a professional hygiene cleaning.